Great Day aims to inspire freedom, fulfillment, and a desire for uncharted territory through the love of running. Whether with coaching or apparel, we believe that running has the ability to transform lives, and by making running "a little more gay", we're making the sport more loving, compassionate, and whole lot more fun. Founded in 2021 by runner and coach Brian Boisvert in Brooklyn, NY.

About the Founder

The more you give to running, the more you get from it. From my first run at 18 years old, I was free to think and explore completely and totally as myself. And what's more, if I could run one more mile than I had the day before, then I had unequivocally improved. I discovered a competitiveness that lives squarely in my mind, and my mind alone. Running made me feel safe and hopeful.

After a decade on the roads, I began coaching other athletes to help them avoid all the mistakes I made in training by myself. After coaching and running with so many different types of people, I realized that there wasn't a running apparel brand that reflects the values and style of so many of us. We run to make life sweeter, to push our boundaries, and to find the kind of connection that only comes from a shared morning run. Great Day was born out of the optimism that comes with hard work, humility, and an amazing group of people around you.

-Brian Boisvert